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LiN Group care at home and housing suppport services receive a large amount of testimonials from users and their families. 

Support Services

"As elderly parents of a daughter aged 46, after many years trying to find suitable supported accommodation without success, we attended an open day at Thistle Foundation. They were very interested in our concerns and told us about LiN Group and their new project in South West Edinburgh, and the possibility of a place there if we were interested. We got in touch with the Managing Director and made an appointment to see him at the house which was being renovated into a five bed en suite home for people with learning disabilities. We had looked at several places over a period of time and Lundie House was so much more like a home and close to where we live. The Managing Director came to meet our daughter and she was invited over to see Lundie House which went well. Our daughter was very concerned and asked the Managing Director about agency staff and he assured our daughter he didn't have any agency staff. She seems to have had problems in respite care in the past with this. The staff at Lundie House have always been very attentive and she has always got on well with them. The Managing Director always answers our concerns and asks us to contact him at any time, which we do. The Assistant Deputy Manager is excellent, very committed and caring. We can phone at any time for information on any concerns we have and are dealt with. Lundie house is a very happy place, we could not get better."

"My son moved from an NHS environment to a bespoke package of care in the community managed by LiN Group last year. It took around 15 months of planning and discussions and a lot of hard work by everyone involved to get the house completed. Prior to this I had done a lot of research and had met up with many care providers in Edinburgh in my search to find a suitable home for my son. I wanted him to be safe, well looked after, happy and have the same opportunities as everyone else. My son has Prader Willi syndrome, therefore it is imperative that his condition is managed appropriately i.e. a calorie-controlled eating plan and daily exercise."

“On meeting the Managing Director and having several discussions with him after the place for my son was identified and before work started, I had no doubt in my mind LiN Group was the organisation I had been searching for. I was very impressed with the Managing Director, his wealth of experience, knowledge and the fact that all his staff were given very good training. I liked the way he listened to my concerns and took them onboard. I was also happy that new staff would not be working with my son without shadow shifts beforehand and the fact he does not use agency staff. To me all the above was a big plus for any parent.”


"This was expertly planned with each person working hard with my son's best interests at heart. We were lucky in the fact that his key worker from the NHS at that time was amazing and had taken it upon herself to research Prader Willi syndrome and was able to pass all her knowledge and expertise onto the LiN Group team. This was an amazing help. LiN Group staff shadowed staff from the NHS and care staff from his day centre regularly visit for coffee and lunch at the new house. All the above helped to make the transition very smooth."


"I have found the staff team good, they are very hardworking and think outside the box, as well as being creative and engaging and providing first class care. They cook nutritious healthy food from scratch. I especially like that my son's emotional needs are focused on and not just his physical needs. He has a laugh with the staff which is so important. I find the staff very respectful of his personal belongings and he is always well turned out. His clothes are well cared for and he always looks smart. I find there is good communication between management myself and staff. The Managing Director does not just take a back seat, he has a very hands-on approach and knows what's happening daily. Overall, I am happy with the care my son is currently receiving at LiN Group. Although he has not been there long he has settled in well."

For more information about our Edinburgh care services and to arrange a visit, contact the team at LiN Group today.